Upcoming Titles




The Shoguns' Assassin (project name). - Kunoichi Dragon (Working Title)


This Project has commenced on April 2018 and will be completed for Launch in 2024.





Ninja Rebirth (project name). - Ninja, Kill Shogun (Working Title)


This Project will be a folio enhancer and will be a mix of old 80's movies and games when Ninja and Kung Fu Movies were vary popular. It will feature a Time-Travelling Ninja and Shogun, both using mystical powers in attempt to stop out each others soul.


It will have a cheesy 80's vibe with a-typical cliches and memes from the era of the Porntash and the SprayCan weildingPunk.


This Project began in 2016 with several re-thinks, it is plan heavy and slow to production, completely self-time-funded. Estimated folio delivery time May 2019



Old Games


Not much too see here, but if you goolge-play search Pixel Burner you will find a few test cases of the studios attempt to enter the mobile games market. Not something I care much about as I'm more about the big stories and challenges. Maybe there will be ports of somekind, otherise these games are either gamejams, small client jobs or simple tests.




Shoto Yuri - Character Design for Kunoichi Dragon, created by Hyunjoon Kim - April 2018