Pixel Burner

Digital Art and Game Design

My name is Robert Ramsay,


I set up Pixel Burner in 2015 to act as my portfolio for holding all my various works done over the last few years, some of it specialised and some of it just general practice and polishing skills.


Here is a bit of how that happened:


In August 2013 I found some work with a 3D Printing company called 'Levavo' based in Bishopsgate. That involved a whole lot of Zbrush and I mean alot of work. I had cleaned up about 2500 scans in my time with them and although I was not working full time with them, it did bring in about £250 a week to keep me going. Alongside this, I advertised myself in te Unity forums and got a few side jobs. I did some monster truck texture designs for Meltdown Interactive media and also Quatro Designs, both making monster truck games at the time.


Around mid 2014 with all the networiking I had been doing I came across a group call London Indie Game Developers and also London User Unity Group where there was familiar faces appearing in both. These were to become my favourite things to do, that along with all the Game Jams including Global Game Jam and Indie Speed Run that were commonplace. By the ebunch of nd of 2014 I had found my circle and a good

bunch of friends in the process.


In 2015 I worked for Useful Slug as a Freelance Artist creating Gladiator outfits and Roman attire for their game 'Ludus' which is still in development to this day, I think that will be out by early 2018. I also picked up work for Psytec Games, an independat VR games company where I have worked on Crystal RIft and Windlands as a Charcter modeller, rigger, animator and also an Enviroment Artist.


In all the time passed I have also been developing art for the Unity Asset Store and art and scripts or projects for YoYo Games marketplace for Gamemaker. To this day I have worked with at least 20 various clients, mostly the more humble indie companies that match my skill level but now as that grows to a high sandard I see the work coming in and I am pretty much here for good.


May the games begin.!