Pixel Burner.


What is our business?


We create assets for all levels, particularly for those still learning the industry, 2D, 3D, Production workflows and design. We provide game templates and a starting ground for various game types for Gamemaker, Unity and soon Unreal Engine 4.


How do we grow?


We grow by outsourcing and creating a folio based on the work of others, geared towards a vision to create Kunoichi Dragon which will benchmark the companies starting block in the industry.




Right now, I am all but one person, Robert Ramsay, creating assets, working for clients in London, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and pretty much any English first speaking country.




I employ new artists and developers wherever I can find them, I pay to train them and use a portion of my income to make my whole ethic about personal development. I expect nothing in return but loyalty.


My role?


I work as the director, artist, designer, developer, mentor, consultor, technical director and marketer. I have spent the last 6 years learning the industry from startup studio to commercial VR games. I now teach at London southbank University, training students and ultimately headhunting new talent to prolong the future of Pixel Burner.


Who is Pixel Burner?


Pixel burner is an Organic company currently built on outcourcing and recruiting potentials, alongside developing the asset store library an appealing to new developers and artists to grow to the next organic level.